• Professional Counseling
    Our dedicated social workers provide advice on your right and financial entitlements, assist in filling out forms and advise in legal matters. An experienced psychologist can help with psychological problems.
  • Maintaining your Autonomy
    Declining vision necessitates relearning many common skills. We convey specialized training to maintain or improve your independence and mobility and we arrange assistance in applying for the necessary financial support
  • Advice on the Use of Aids and Appliances
    There are numerous devices to help in daily activities, talking clocks and scales, large print books calendars with extra-large numerals and phones with large keys to name just a few examples. We offer smartphone (iphone and android) und computer training.
  • Establishing peer contacts
    As a member you can exchange information with people in your borough or in one of our many interest groups. We regularly hold various meetings where you can make new contacts and meet old acquaintances.
  • Cultural and Leisure Time offers
    We organize numerous events which you can experience with all senses and we arrange excursions for our members.
  • Access to Information
    We offer a monthly publication with all kinds of useful information and a calendar of events. Our talking book library also provides audio books and audio described movies free of charge.
  • Care for the Elderly
    Our residences for senior citizens in the precincts of Spandau and Weißensee can provide a quality home in later life